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North Carolina is home to over 9 million people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with Charlotte leading the way as the largest city. In addition to being a state leader in research and green technology, North Carolina has over 300 universities, colleges, trade and technical schools.

Students interested in pursuing a post-secondary education in psychology should find a number of psychology degree programs in North Carolina. Students should have a variety of options, including campus-based programs as well as online psychology schools.

North Carolina Psychology Degree Programs

Students pursuing a master's or doctorate degree from online psychology schools in North Carolina, can eventually become practicing psychologists after completing the various license requirements. Depending on your career goals, various specialties are available, such as school psychologist or a licensed pyscho-educational specialist. Consider the following training requirements for psychologists in North Carolina:

Psychologist. To qualify, you must earn a doctoral degree in psychology and complete two years of supervised experience. A total of 3,000 hours are required (pre- and post-doctoral), and a passing score of 70 percent is required on the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology.

School Psychologist I. To practice, you must earn a master's degree in psychology from a degree program that includes advanced preparation of school psychologists. You must also pass the State Board of Education's required examination for psychologists.

School Psychologist III. You must earn a doctoral degree, pass the State Board of Education's required examination, and complete an advanced training program for school psychologists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports clinical, counseling, and school psychologists earned a mean annual salary of $64,950 in 2009. Job growth could reach as high as 13 percent, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2008 and 2018- providing ample opportunities for tomorrow's graduates of North Carolina psychology degree programs.

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