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Long reliant on traditional sectors such as agriculture and textile production, South Carolina has moved into the 21st century with a relatively diversified economy in which multiple sectors play complementary roles, and no single industry can lay claim to unquestioned dominance. As such, the South Carolina business environment is poised for transformation, and those who seek to find success there should prepare themselves by attaining a broad-based knowledge and up-to-date skill set that will serve them well in the state's dynamic economy.

Although the job opportunities and salary prospects for those who pursue a business career in South Carolina vary significantly according to industry and other factors, the overall outlook for the field remains positive. Based on the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary for those employed in the financial operations and business sector in the state is $55,590--and the compensation is likely to be highest for applicants with business coursework or a business degree, such as an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree, or an MBA.

Study at Your Own Pace: Online Business Schools in South Carolina

Most students interested in earning a business degree have long been limited to traditional, on-campus degree programs. However, today's advanced Internet technology makes it possible for students to pursue online business degrees in South Carolina using the latest methods in distance learning. Choose a program that is conducted exclusively online, or devise a curriculum that pairs online courses with traditional on-campus classes to get the best of both worlds. The variety of options available through South Carolina accredited online business schools makes it easy to create a college experience that meshes with your personal, professional, and other responsibilities and prepares you for business career success in this vibrant and rapidly developing state.

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