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If Fry's Electronics mailers make you salivate, and you are your family's go-to troubleshooter for computer problems, you have the makings of a tech support and repair hero. These types have a wide range of technical skills and work either with customers directly to address computer and technology issues, or with in-house teams to solve and repair problems. Though some computer support specialists may advance to IT support management positions, others may get additional training and advance to other IT roles such as computer programming.

Tech support degrees can boost your career

Though employers may offer their own in-house technical support programs, many prefer to hire employees with some formal college education. You can earn a diploma, professional certificate or two-year computer technical support degree or pursue a four-year bachelor's degree in computer science.

Because computer technology is integrated into all kinds of home electronics, you may want to pursue technical support courses or training in a specialty, such as in-home computing, home theater or automotive technology installation. Best Buy is one possible employer that hires within all of these specialties; you could be trained in more than one specialty and become a "double agent." If you look good in a tie and see "geek" as a badge of honor, being part of the Geek Squad has oodles of benefits, including an in-store employee discount, tuition assistance and vendor accommodation programs.

Technical Support & Repair Degrees and Programs

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