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Web development specialists, like Web designers, create and maintain Web sites. While Web designers concentrate on the visual aspects of a site, developers are responsible for the technical aspects, from information management and display to e-commerce transactions. As a Web development specialist, you'll work with your employer or client (many Web developers are self-employed) to determine the purpose of the site. You may then work with a Web designer, graphic designer, or other specialist to create an attractive site that helps users get what they want without frustration, and helps enhance the brand of the site owner.

Becoming a Web Developer

Most Web developers need at least an associate degree, and many employers require a bachelor's degree, either in IT or in an unrelated subject combined with IT career experience. If you're after a high-level Web development job, you may need a graduate degree, advanced career training, or certification in addition to your bachelor's degree. Many software development companies offer certifications that are regarded as industry standards.