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Online Schools & Colleges in Houston, Texas

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The recent recession led many state governments to cut funding to local institutions, causing some of these institutions to raise costs in order to make up for the loss. Higher education institutions have been among the hardest hit sectors in recent rounds of budget cuts. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Texas dealt with insufficient state funding in 2010 by instituting a 5 percent budget cut across the board that reduced higher education funding by $73 million. If you're a Texas student concerned about the loss of resources for state schools or you simply can't afford to pay the rising tuition costs, one of many online schools in Houston, Sugar Land, or Baytown may be a better option for you.

In-Depth Information about Houston Online Degrees

Online schools nationwide are gaining in popularity thanks to technological advances, increasing acceptance of online education, and higher levels of accreditation. Students already in the workforce who are going back to school to obtain advanced degrees also contribute to the rise in enrollment in distance learning programs. Houston online schools cater to urban students while Sugar Land and Baytown online schools provide a more suburban educational environment. Here are some more facts about online schools that can help you decide whether they'd be a good fit for you.

  • Online schools offer you the chance to build your own schedule so you can hold down a job and still get your education
  • Websites allow you to communicate with your fellow students and teachers, submit your homework, and view assignments online
  • Still want an on-campus experience? Hybrid programs allow you to take some of your classes at the university and make face time with your teachers and peers

Online Degree Programs in Houston: Which Degree Levels Do They Offer?

Obtaining an advanced degree opens many doors for new graduates, and in a competitive job market, a college degree may be a necessity to set yourself apart from the competition. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2014 more than 7.314 million U.S. residents age 25-29 held at least a bachelor's degree.

Online schools in Houston offer degrees and certificates ranging from high school diplomas to advanced master's and doctoral degrees. Targeted professional certificates in fields such as massage therapy, cosmetology, or medical transcription are also available. Working professionals can also earn continuing education units at many of the online schools in Houston.

    Houston Degree Programs: What Are the Benefits?

    Think you can do just as well with a high school diploma? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates earned a median weekly wage of $668 in 2014 while individuals with a bachelor's degree earned $1,101. The average unemployment rate for high school grads was 6 percent, while those with a four-year degree saw their unemployment rate drop to 3.5 percent.

    Here are some more reasons why going after an online degree may be beneficial to you:

    • Respect from bosses and co-workers
    • Greater leverage when applying for jobs or negotiating your salary
    • Less risk of unemployment
    • Increased confidence in yourself and your abilities

    Which Jobs in Houston Can You Get After Earning Your Online Degree?

    The financial benefits of higher education hold true nationwide, and the following numbers for residents of the Houston area are quite impressive. Consider the mean annual salary in the Houston area, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for some careers you can train for at Houston online schools:

    • Engineering managers: $181,540
    • Medical and health services managers: $108,900
    • Computer and information systems managers: $146,040

    Houston, Sugar Land, and Baytown online schools offer degrees at all levels in information systems, business technology management, and health administration services.

    Don't wait any longer to make a decision about your education. Maintain your lifestyle and get your degree at the same time without affecting your job or other responsibilities. With one of Houston, Sugar Land, or Baytown's online degrees, you can be on the road to a better job--and life--in no time.

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