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Online business schools in Virginia could be your ticket to success in the industry of your choice. Booming industries in the Old Dominion State include agriculture, food processing, and printing. Manufacturing is also a significant money maker, especially in transportation equipment and textiles. Positions in government are also popular options for those who graduate from business school.

Booming industry requires good business sense. The career possibilities for those who hold a business degree are wide and varied, depending upon your chosen field. Demand for business graduates is strong in health care, consulting, pharmaceuticals, finance, and accounting.

Earn Your Degree Through Virginia Online Business Schools

The salary outlook for business majors is promising. For those who choose to go into business and financial occupations within the state after earning their degree from Virginia online business schools, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average yearly income of $72,280 in 2009. Those who chose to pursue management occupations reported an average annual income of $110,810 in 2009.

Online business programs in Virginia make sense for those who have to juggle work and family obligations while pursuing their degree. Online courses offer flexibility that you simply can't find in a traditional classroom setting. Many students choose a combination of classroom time and online learning in order to achieve their educational goals at a pace that best meets their needs.

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