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With its low corporate income tax rate, excellent rail, air and port service and large concentration of high-tech workers, the state of Virginia regularly ranks first or second on Forbes' list of Best States For Business. Other accolades for Virginia in 2014 include being named Best State for Business by CNBC and Chief Executive Magazine, and Best State for Small Businesses by Business Insider.

Many careers are experiencing rapid growth in the Old Dominion state, including nursing, software development, accounting and business management and analysis. Students interested in entering Virginia's workforce can get their careers underway by enrolling in online schools in Virginia or at traditional campus-based institutions.

Highlight Careers in Virginia

Virginia's top three industries include professional and business services, financial activities and government, and 37 Fortune 1000 firms are headquartered in the state, according to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

Here's a roundup of five of the top career sectors based on 2015 numbers for total in-state employment and median annual salary from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

CareerIn-state employment2015 mean annual salary
Registered nurses63,340$65,340
General and operations managers50,950$132,840
Management analysts45,960$102,810
Accountants and auditors39,670$80,580
Software developers, applications35,060$105,830

Popular Programs and Degrees in Virginia

Virginia's reputation as a leader in business and industry directly ties into one of the leading degree programs students at campus-based and VA online schools pursued during the 2014-2015 academic year. Here's a breakdown of the five top programs in Virginia based on total number of degrees awarded in that period according to the National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS database:

  • Business management: 19,269
  • Health-related professions: 13,985
  • Liberal arts and sciences: 8,029
  • Social science: 7,385
  • Education: 7,248

Spotlight on Schools and Cities in Virginia for Education

Colleges, universities and online schools in Virginia are all regulated by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, which reports that more than $7 billion is spent annually in higher education in Virginia.

According to the state council, there are 105 private not-for-profit institutions in Virginia and 107 for-profit educational institutions in the state. There are 19 out-of-state institutions licensed to operate in Virginia, and 144 vocational and technical colleges operate in the state.

Virginia is home to several well-respected public four-year colleges and university systems, including Virginia Technical Institute, the University of Virginia, George Mason University, James Madison University, Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University and the Virginia Military Institute.

Arlington isn't the largest city in Virginia, but it easily has the most options for advanced education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are 76 different public or private colleges, community colleges and technical schools located within 15 miles of Arlington.

Virginia Beach, the largest city in the state, also has many options for college education: There are 32 public or private colleges, community colleges and technical schools located within 20 miles of Virginia Beach. There are 39 different schools in or around Norfolk, while Richmond, the state capital, has 26 colleges, universities and distance learning schools.

Nearly 86 percent of students enrolled in Virginia public colleges and universities are from Virginia, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia stated, including 95-percent enrollment in the state's community colleges.

Educational Costs in Virginia

According to the College Board's annual survey of colleges, average 2015-16 tuition figures in Virginia were as follows:

  • Two-year public schools: $4,802
  • Four-year universities: $11,819
  • Four-year private institutions: $32,405 (national average)

Full-time undergraduate students in Virginia received the following sums in student aid for the 2013-14 school year, according to the College Board:

  • Average grant: $8,080
  • Average Federal Loan: $$4,840
  • Other financial aid: $1,260

Accreditation for Campus-based and Online Schools in Virginia

Attending an accredited college or online school in Virginia ensures that the quality of educational institutions and programs have been reviewed and approved by a professional peer review -- that those colleges and universities in Virginia meet established educational standards.  Students should ask their college admissions representative about accreditation prior to enrollment.


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