Plumbing Degree and Programs

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Plumbers, among the highest-paid construction workers, do a lot more than just fix blocked sinks or toilets in residential homes. Plumbing involves all types of water systems, including waste disposal, drainage, and gas systems in all types of buildings. Plumbers also install related appliances like water heaters and fixtures such as showers or sinks. In new buildings, plumbers must be able to follow detailed blueprints in order to install new pipes, and in some cases plumbing workers get involved in the actual design process.

Plumbing Career Training

Technical schools and community colleges do offer career training in plumbing, but no specific degrees. Most workers apprentice for four to five years while taking a minimum of 144 classroom hours. During classroom or distance learning instruction, you learn about blueprints, plumbing codes and regulations, safety, applied physics, chemistry, and math. On-the-job career training covers types of pipes and how to use the required plumbing tools.

Plumbing Degree and Programs