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When it comes time to select a business school, you may want to think about more than just the degree you'll earn. You may also want to focus on the job opportunities you'll find nearby once you graduate.

Wisconsin business schools have the benefit of being located in a state with a business-friendly environment. In 2014, CNBC ranked Wisconsin as the 17th best state for businesses. The state did in even better in the Chief Executive magazine's rankings, where it was designated the 14th best state for business during that year.

A positive business climate means graduates of Wisconsin business programs may find plenty of companies looking for qualified workers. In addition, the state has set up a number of resources, such as Business AnswerLine and funding programs, to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their own venture off the ground.

Online Business Programs in Wisconsin

Most of the state's best known business schools are located at public universities. These include the following.

  • Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Lubar School of Business at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Marquette Business School at Marquette University

The Wisconsin School of Business is the highest ranked of the state's schools, according to U.S. News & World Report. In 2015, the school was ranked for the 33rd spot on the list of best business schools in the nation.

Like other Wisconsin business schools, the program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison offers a number of degree options. These range from certificates to bachelor's degrees in business administration to MBAs and doctoral degrees. In addition, the school has professional development courses.

One thing you won't find at the Wisconsin School of Business is an online MBA program. For that, you'll need to look to one of the other Wisconsin business schools.

The University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium is one way to earn an MBA online. The program is a collaborative effort of the Eau Claire, La Crosse, Oshkosh and Parkside campuses of the University of Wisconsin system. Students enrolling in the program can earn their MBA from the comfort of their home and on a flexible schedule that will accommodate work and family obligations.

Other online business programs can be found in community colleges, private colleges and online institutions. Options may include undergraduate certificates and degrees as well as MBAs and other graduate coursework.

What is the Job Outlook like for Business Degrees in Wisconsin?

Given Wisconsin's positive business climate, it shouldn't be surprising there are a large number of business jobs in the state. However, growth for these occupations varies significantly with some jobs expected to see above average gains in the coming years while others will remain flat. The following chart takes a closer at some of the occupations that employ the largest number of Wisconsin business professionals.

PositionEmployment in Wisconsin (2014)Average Salary in Wisconsin (2014)Expected Job Growth (2012-2022)
General and Operations Managers33,030$104,2708.5%
Business Operations Specialists14,820$60,0506.8%
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists9,850$56,41026.4%
Human Resources Specialists9,380$54,6702.8%
Financial Managers9,010$111,0007.7%
Management Analysts8,780$75,84013.4%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014)

While these numbers are statewide averages, actual job openings and salaries may depend upon where an individual works. Those who live in metropolitan centers such as Madison, Milwaukee or Oshkosh may find more job opportunities than those who reside in more rural areas.

In addition, workers in those cities may find their salaries differ. For example, consider the following average incomes for general and operation managers in some of Wisconsin's major cities.

  • Milwaukee - $119,270
  • Madison - $111,830
  • Oshkosh - $105,060
  • Green Bay - $98,460
  • La Crosse - $98,300
  • Eau Claire - $96,850

What are Business Specializations in Wisconsin?

Within the field of business, people can specialize in a number of areas from marketing to management to taxation. Business degrees typically offer the option to select concentrations that are designed to support specific career paths. Wisconsin business programs may include the following specializations among others.

  • Taxation
  • Human resources
  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Entrepreneurship

Another way to specialize is to earn a professional certification. With the exception of the Certified Public Accountant credential, which is required for some accounting jobs, most professional credentials are voluntary. However, employers may look for job candidates who have the expertise required to earn certification.

But before you can get to the point of being certified, you need to earn the right degree. Wisconsin business schools can help you get the education you need, regardless of whether you want to study online or on-campus. Check out some of the Wisconsin business schools listed below for further details.

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