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Of all the fields available for study nowadays, none may be quite so flexible as business. Whether you want the corner office in a Fortune 500 firm or prefer to be your own boss in a small start-up, a business degree has the potential to take you there.

Although you can get your degree anywhere in the country, Wyoming business schools may be a particularly good choice. In recent years, the state has been tapped as one of the rising stars of the business world and won accolades for its positive tax climate and vibrant small business community.

In 2015, the Tax Foundation ranked Wyoming as number one in the nation for low state costs for businesses. Unlike other states, Wyoming does not have a specific corporate income tax, and its property taxes are relatively low. Those factors may contribute to its large number of small business. A 2015 NerdWallet analysis of Census data found Wyoming had the second-highest number of small businesses per 100 residents, as of 2013.

If you'd like to be a part of the blossoming business scene in Wyoming, you could benefit from having a degree in the field. Wyoming business programs range from certificates to MBAs, with some degrees options available online.

Online Business Programs in Wyoming

As a sparsely populated state, Wyoming business schools are relatively small in number. Some of the most popular business programs in the state can be found at the following institutions.

  • University of Wyoming
  • Casper College
  • Laramie Community College
  • Western Wyoming Community College

Casper College offers several on-campus associate degrees in business as well as a certificate in retail management. Meanwhile, the two community colleges offer associate degrees that can be earned either online or on-campus. There are also four other community colleges in Wyoming which may have online and on-campus business degree programs. Finally, the University of Wyoming offers a number of undergraduate and graduate degree options, including an online bachelor's degree in business administration and two online MBAs.

Since there are a limited number of Wyoming business programs found online, students may want to investigate online degrees offered by institutions based out of the state. Kaplan University, Regis University and Ashford University are a few of the schools with robust online programs that will allow students to earn a degree without ever leaving the state of Wyoming.

What's the Business Career Outlook in Wyoming?

Wyoming business schools can help you get a degree, but it's up to you to find a job once you graduate. If you plan to stay in the state, you may want to consider one of the business jobs that employ a large number of business and management professionals. The chart below takes a look at a few of these occupations along with their average salary and expected job growth.

PositionEmployment in Wyoming (2014)Average Salary in Wyoming (2014)Expected Job Growth (2012-2022)
General and Operations Managers5,460$101,42015%
Business Operations Specialists1,070$73,4004.1%
Human Resources Specialists810$53,7904.6%
Financial Managers640$101,7208.7%
Training and Development Specialists480$62,72015%
Compliance Officers450$63,9007.9%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014)

Job growth and income potential can vary within Wyoming as well. The two major metropolitan areas in the state — Casper and Cheyenne — may be home to the most openings but pay for these positions may not be equal.

For example, general and operations managers earned a statewide average salary of $101,420 in 2014. However, those in Cheyenne earned significantly less, with average salaries for these professionals coming in at only $91,590 in 2014. Meanwhile, managers working in Casper had above average incomes of $114,850 during that same year.

What Business Specializations are in Wyoming?

How much you earn and what type of jobs you can purse may depend on more than where you live. Your career path may also be shaped by the specialization you choose to pursue while in college. Wyoming business programs offer a number of concentrations for business administration majors. These include the following.

  • Management
  • Leadership and organizational management
  • Economics and finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

After graduation, you can also earn certifications such as that of Certified Financial Planner, Professional in Business Analysis and Human Resources Management Professional. For the most part, these certifications are voluntary although some employers may prefer to hire those with professional credentials.

Wyoming business schools can be one source of information about the various certification programs. Once enrolled, you may have access to a career counselor who can walk you through the available designations and help you determine which ones might help you achieve your career goals.

The next phase of your life is waiting. Contact the Wyoming business programs below for more information on how the right degree may take you on the path to success.

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